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Setting up an eCommerce is a new experience for me and here are my thoughts regarding this project.


Chickita’s was the third website I’ve designed and had built, and it was the first ecommerce site I had ever designed for a client.  The first two websites were my own, of which I was closely involved in terms of the design and the publishing of articles on both.


Having changed the direction of my business from being an on-line publisher, I moved to website optimisation to assist clients with new websites or redesign of their sites. Chickita’s was my first website since my change of business direction.


In terms of this brief, the two aspects to be mentioned are the URL and blog post.


Let me start by saying that the website was a redesign for a fashion boutique – Chickita’s, based in the city of Benoni, in South Africa, with the URL –


The original website was a static one pager that did not compliment this successful boutique in terms of quality of outfits available in store.  With a change of ownership, one of the immediate tasks was a new website that depicted the dynamic world of fashion.  This included an eCommerce store, videos of the latest international fashion shows, blogging about the trends in fashion and uploading new products for the shopping cart.


While I understood how an ecommerce store operated, I had absolutely no idea of the amount of work that would be involved.  Let me explain this more clearly.  In my mind, I knew the amount of work that was required, however I had not fully equated just how much the amount of time and work it involved. And more specifically the amount of time needed for all the outfits in the store.  As the development continued, and we were close to finalising the website, it dawned on me that I had not taken the time involved in an eCommerce store into the equation, and had not quoted the client for the work involved.


By the time I had come to this realisation, two important factors had been noted:

  • Photographs of the only about 150 outfits had been taken, while there must be more than 2000 outfits/products in the store.
  • I decided that this work would be my school fees in learning how much time was involved.


While the client is aware of the extra time I had put into her website development, I do believe that she is unaware of what I should have quoted her.


Because of this misunderstanding of time, I spent many hours photographing the outfits and ensembles she wanted on the eCommerce store.  Then spent many hours editing and compressing the images for optimal usage on the website. Once this was done, the images and details of each product was uploaded and published onto the store. After these images were uploaded, I realised that the initial photos taken were not in the correct format required – square and not portrait as I had photographed them. All future photographs were taken in the correct format.


WooCommerce need to be complimented on their design and development of their eCommerce platform.  The ease of establishing an eCommerce store for any retailer on any website removes anxiety and stress for any developer.


Mistakes have been made, and lessons learned – the hard way. For all future eCommerce store builds, I will scope the number of products to be uploaded, and the amount of time required for the establishment thereof.


There are no regrets for not charging her, I believe my school fees have been paid in full through this huge learning curve.  All future eCommerce sites will be costed correctly and the client quoted



In conclusion, I enjoy being involved in creating eCommerce stores and look forward to being involved in future builds.


Heather Smithard

WebMedia CC

Managing Owner


7 June 2017

Free Search Engine Submission

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