How to Succeed with Network Marketing Recruiting

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When it comes to network marketing recruiting, there are a few tips that can help you succeed.

network-marketing-recruitingBefore I even get into sharing these tips, it’s important that you understand one thing about network marketing success. This is a people business, therefore, you must be willing to find people and share the information about your products and business.

Are you the type of person that gets depressed if someone tells you NO? How committed are you?

You may hear 100 or more NO’s before someone gives you a YES. That is the nature of what we do. And that is why you should get good at network marketing recruiting. Your job now is to talk to people. That’s it.

Think of yourself as a messenger of information. If you get a lot of NOs, you may get frustrated and feel like this business models does not work for you. That is far from the truth.

If it works for others, it can work for you too. This is a numbers game and you must be willing to get good at network marketing recruiting by doing it over and over and over, no matter what.

Ready to do that? If not, seriously consider whether this is the right profession for you.

How to Succeed at Network Marketing Recruiting

Practice makes perfect! You heard that since you were a kid, right? It holds true here too. The first few people you talk to will be a nervous experience and may not go so well. Just like the first time you ever rode a two wheel bicycle. It took some time and practice before you could balance.

It’s the same with network marketing recruiting. It will take time and practice before you get really good at it. Are you ready to proceed? Do not give up until success is YOURS. Here are your tips:

  • Do not chase people. Even you feel like you are in a desperate situation, do not chase people ever! They will smell the desperation on you and run in the other direction. This is not a business of “convincing” or “begging”, it’s a business of educating people about another way to live their lives. It’s about sharing information to those who are ready and willing to look at it. For those that are ready, they will convince themselves of they need your products or business and see it for themselves.
  • Do not be concerned with the outcome. For any conversation you have with a prospect, the outcome is irrelevant. I know that must sound odd to you if you are new to network marketing. Your job is to simply share the information. Some people will say no, while others will say yes. The more people you find and talk to, the better you will get at sharing.
  • Provide value. You have the solution to people’s problems. That is why they will be attracted to you. Always provide value and stop posting your ads all over social media. Build relationships. You have what people want.
  • Be interested, not interesting. Ask questions of your prospects. That is one of the most important network marketing success strategies. Be interested in them and find out what they are about. Show them that you care.
  • Ask the “exit strategy” question. This is a great question to ask in network marketing recruiting. It will give your prospect something to think about in their current situation and may help them think outside the box.

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