How To Build A Network Marketing Team

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Do you know how to build a network marketing team? Or are you too focused on sponsoring and recruiting people into your business that you forget that the best way to grow their business is to learn how to build a network marketing team and achieve success in MLM.

Remember this – The more successful members you have on your team, the more successful you will be. So what is the difference between a true leader in this industry and a follower? The team that the person has built. Today, I will be sharing several things that you need to look out for in building a MLM business while growing your team.

How To Build A Network Marketing Team The Right Way

I remember when I was serving the military, a line we had to recite in the Officer’s creed went like this…

I lead my men by example. I answer for their training, morale and discipline…

Likewise, when you are building your own MLM team , you need to be able to lead by example and put yourself out there in the battlefield. What do I mean exactly?

how to build a network marketing team

Simple. If you are telling your team members to approach their warm market, then you better be doing it. If they don’t SEE you doing it, they are not going to do it because in their minds, they are going to see you as all talk and no action.

So make sure you practice what you preach, only tell your team to do the things that you are willing to do.

How To Build A Network Marketing Team The Easy Way

If you want your team to grow not only easily but steadily, then you need to make things simple for your team. I talked about this in a previous blog post of mine and you can check it out.

How to build a duplicatable MLM team

how to build a network marketing team the easy way

The key to making it easy for your team members is to have as much of the whole training and recruiting process automated.

If your company has a comprehensive training schedule, leverage it. Perhaps every time you are getting your team trained, you get them to attend your company trainings. In that manner, your team will also get their new members to attend the marketing trainings so that their work is minimized.

Other ways could include getting team members to attend trainings that the top MLM leaders are conducting, such that it becomes a process of inviting other members, rather than having to learn every thing and teaching it themselves. This aids in helping your team grow together and at a faster pace together.

Of course, if you are looking to build your business online, then you may wish to consider subscribing to an online training system such as MyLeadSystemPro.

How To Build A Network Marketing Team – Stop Spoon Feeding Your Team

Sometimes, in learning how to build a network marketing team, you have to let go and let your team members grow on their to build a network marketing team

The reason why some top MLM leaders get so exhausted from this industry is because they are always spoon feeding and helping their team members every step of the way that the more successful they become, they less time they have for themselves.

Learn to stop helping your members every single step of the process.

Just like how our parents helped us when we were toddlers and learning how to walk, they did not hold on to our feet and helped us to walk. Instead they stood from a distance, encouraging us to walk towards them and even though we failed so many times – They continued encouraging us.

That is your role as a leader to your team. Stand at a distance where your team can see you, and encourage them to get to their next step. Encourage your team members to find out how to do certain things on their own instead of asking you for every thing. Only if they still have not figured it out help them out, this also helps build self-confidence amongst your team.

Be there for them, but let them learn how to walk on their own.

That way, you can be sure that your team members will build their teams the way that you did, and all of you will have greater time freedom along with the success you will acquire, and that is how to build a network marketing team.

If you are serious about learning how to build a network marketing team, then you have to take the first step in leading by example. That is the only way you will gain the respect of your team members, and inspire them to take action in their business.

I hope that you found this post useful in helping you learn how to build a network marketing team, and that you will share it with your friends and leave me your comments.


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